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Kitab al kafi bahasa indonesian

By | 26.08.2020

Kitab al kafi bahasa indonesian

What is in al-Kafi? The contents of al-Kafi are precious gifts from Ahl al-Bayt (the fourteen infallible family members of. Prophet Muhammad, (Divine Supreme. It was compiled by thiqat al-Islam al-Kulayni (d. /) in the period of Minor Occultation. Al-Kafi consists of three parts: Usul (principles). Uṣūl al-kāfī (Arabic:أصول الكافي) is the title of the first part of the three parts of al- Kafi, a major Shiite book in hadith. In this part of al-Kafi, we. Usul al-Kafi is the first part of al-Kulayni's al-Kafi that deals with themes of doctrinal and ethical significance in a systematic manner. A short biography of Shaykh Al-Kulayni, and a description of his great work Al- Kafi, one of the four principal books of Shi'i hadith. العربية, Bengali, English, Français, Gujarati, हिन्दी, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano I. The Book of Intellect and Ignorance (Kitab Al-`Aql Wa Al-Jahl) 1/1 ( Al-Kulayni's disciples say): Abu Ja`far Muhammad ibn Ya`qub (al-Kulayni, the compiler of al-Kafi informed us, I will not make thee perfect except in one whom I love.

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Pemuda Shaleh Penghuni Goa - Kisah dalam Al Qur'an - Cerita Anak Islam Channel, time: 8:16
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