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Database from heroku app

By | 26.08.2020

Database from heroku app

Heroku apps use the DATABASE_URL config var to designate the URL of an app's primary database. If your. Heroku Postgres is a SQL database as a service with operational expertise built on PostgreSQL as their transactional data store of choice to drive application. Heroku Postgres databases are designed to be used with a Heroku app. However, except for private and shield tier databases, they are. This quick start guides you through deploying an app, deploying add-ons such as Heroku Postgres, and using Heroku Connect, a Heroku add-on that syncs data. Did you add the database using the app-independent com/ site? Or did you just create a postgresql database in your Heroku control. In this section you will setup a new Heroku app. In the next step you will add a database to this app. If you want to use an existing app you can skip to the next.

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Heroku Postgres: SQL Database-as-a-Service, time: 39:46
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